Indian Road Water Project

Indian Road Water Project

This area is currently under a “Do Not Consume” order that affects 27 homes, due to high concentrations of arsenic in the water.

We are pleased to announce a new water system has been approved for this area.


Project Milestones



December 2-18, 2020: Installation of new watermain on Miller Rd.

December 2, 2020: Contractors begin excavating

November 30, 2020: Water pipes delivered

November 25, 2020: Contractors on site - project begins



October 20, 2020: Contractor Letter of Award was issued to Copcan Civil Ltd

August 18, 2020: Project funding is approved by Indigenous Services Canada


Project at a Glance

This system will receive water from the City of Duncan through their Eagle Heights pump station. A 8" diameter water main will be constructed from the Eagle Heights pump station along Miller Road to the Reserve boundary. The new water line will run the entire length of Indian Road and provide water to all homes along Indian Road and will provide safe water supply as well as fire protection for the homes in the area.

Engineer: Chatwin Engeneering Ltd.

Contractor: Copcan Civil Ltd.

Funding Agent: Indigenous Services Canada

Budget: $4 million

Expected Completion Date: September 30, 2021


Agreements with Residents:


Access Agreements were distributed to residents on Indian Road on Friday March 5, requesting permission for the contractor to enter each property and lay service lines to homes. Once these agreements are signed by residents we can proceed with the work.


Tree Felling


You may have noticed that trees were felled along Indian Road during the past week or so. Clearing and tree falling is being done to install a municipal water line to provide clean and safe drinking water to the local Cowichan Tribes community in the Indian Road area.


All of the works including clearing, tree falling and laying the municipal water line are being done strictly within the existing 66 foot road Right of Way. The trees will be removed from road sides and transported to a secure location where they will be handed over to the Cowichan Tribes Operations and Maintenance Department for use under the Firewood Distribution Program.


Progress Update


The Capital Projects Department of the Cowichan Tribes have been working diligently to construct the Indian Road Water System Project.  To date the construction crew has been progressing with the installation of the new watermain on Miller Road.


In the coming weeks the crew will begin the clearing efforts along Indian road with the anticipation to being laying the new watermain in early January 2021.  The crew plans to begin the installation process for Indian road at house 5162 Indian Road and work their way towards Allenby.  During that time the crew will notify any residents if there will be access concerns during the day and be sure to accommodate or maintain driveway access during the project.


The schedule for the remainder of December will entail clearing on Indian Road and also the completion of the watermain on Miller road from Laurel Grove to Mt View Crescent.

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(The map below shows the construction area for the new Indian Road Water System)

Indian Road.png