Cockroach Control

Anyone can be affected by cockroaches. Everyone can stop their spread.


Cockroaches cause problems for humans. Their body parts and droppings can make you sick.

Follow these three simple steps to rid your home of cockroaches:


1. Starve them out - Cockroaches only stay if there’s food. If they can't find it, they leave. 

2. Dry them out - Cockroaches can't live without water. If you get rid of standing water, they leave.

3. Keep them out - Stop cockroaches from becoming a problem. Keep them out of your house.

The Facts



What are cockroaches?

Adult cockroaches average between 1.4” to 1.6” (35-41mm) in length, but they can grow to exceed 2”. They are are reddish brown in color with a yellow band that outlines the area behind their head. Both males and females have wings and can fly short distances. Cockroaches have the ability to bite, although they rarely do. If a bite occurs, it should not be problematic unless it gets infected.


Cockroach Control Preparation Steps

  • Clear clutter from the floor, dressers, counters and appliances
  • Ensure all baseboards are exposed (pull furniture one foot from wall)
  • Scrub stovetops including under the burners, inside oven and oven drawer 
  • Clean range hood and behind the stove if possible; cockroaches are really attracted to grease and food bits
  • Ensure all clothing is folded, put away in sealed bins or dressers
  • Keep all food in sealed containers (no open bags or boxes of food)
  • Ensure furniture is raised up off the floor on legs or strategically placed blocks
  • Only eat in one designated area of the home (kitchen or dining room), to prevent spread of food sources for cockroaches
  • Remove any cockroach carcasses, as they are a food source for the living cockroaches


Expectations of homeowners throughout the fumigation process are to clean:

  • Children’s toys - clean regularly so that they do not become hiding places for pests
  • Beds, blankets and other bedding – run through the washer and make sure to dry on hot heat for at least an hour and store unused items in sealed bins
  • Clothes inside of dressers, and piles of clothes – go through dressers regularly to make sure cockroaches are not hiding there. Suggest cleaning clothes and placing in sealed bins during the fumigation process
  • Stacks of newspapers, books and cardboard boxes – are good hiding places, suggest cleaning and storing items in sealed plastic bins and not cardboard boxes
  • All appliances including coffee makers, toasters, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, dvd players, tv's, electronics and any other heat source. Unplug all unused appliances so they don't generate any heat    


Once the home is clear of pests the expectations of the homeowner are:

  • Do not bring the pests back into the home – go through all items sealed and stored outside and make sure there are no missed or surviving cockroaches
  • If accepting items from people, make sure to store it outside in a sealed container until you can go through it thoroughly and clear them of pests – including larvae (eggs)
  • All floors and counters will need to be thoroughly cleaned before the first fumigation process. There is a residual spray that will be sprayed around the home and will continue to poison the insects for up to five weeks. Cleaning techniques between treatments need to be done carefully so that the residual spray is not wiped away, and lasts the full five weeks.

Tenants are required to report pest problems to the Property Management Team immediately.

Please understand, severe pest problems damage our asset and will be considered tenant neglect if left unreported.

Contact us if you believe you may have pests in your home.