Tribes Governance

Tribes Governance

Through self-government and an expansion of the land resource base, Cowichan Tribes will be in a position to be self-sustaining and able to support the mission over the long term.  Cowichan Tribes will control its own destiny within a framework of co-operation with other jurisdictions.

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Mission Statement

Cowichan Tribes is dedicated to being a community-driven organisation providing access to services and programs, and to promoting the respect of our culture and traditions and the individuality and success of our people.  

Long-term Objectives

  • To have all of our members gainfully employed in a manner of their choosing.
  • To have our members enjoy the lifestyle of their choosing.
  • To be recognized as a leading organisation in the Cowichan Valley.
  • To be 100% self-sufficient.
  • To be self-governing to the fullest extent possible.