Community Achievement & Readiness Program (CARP)


Community Achievement & Readiness Program (CARP)

(In development) The program, part of a youth leadership development project, operates in partnership with other Cowichan Tribes Departments to provide youth focused skills programming.

The program works specifically to address immediate needs and the planning for youth to have a sustainable future with skills that meet their own identified needs. The program is a dual purpose program that works in partnership to:

 a) support Cowichan Youth aged between 16-26 to be supported financially on a living allowance while developing skills and capacity for independence that will continue to support a functional role in the community as well as show achievement in personal goals with support.

b) provide sustainable networks of support to encourage continued engagement in training opportunities, education programs and sustainable work.

The program ‘meets youth where they are prepared to start’ and encourages an environment of support, mentorship, guidance and goal setting through a flexible program. Programming includes 1-1 modules of development, group programming, core training and access to external skill development delivered in a culturally safe and responsive way.