How to Pay Cowichan Tribes

How to Pay Cowichan Tribes

In a continued effort to ensure safety of staff while continuing to provide the services to our Cowichan Tribes members in a modified arrangement during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing the following steps to limit the transmission of virus.

Effective immediately, we no longer accept cash or cheque for payments.

This is effective for our Community Members who pay the monthly housing rent and our Community Partners who pay business licenses, commercial lease payments, property taxes and any other payments. We also ask that our Community Partners who provide funding and grants to make payments through the following payment options:

Email Money Transfer

You can setup an e-Transfer by visiting your financial institution's website and following step by step instructions. If you don't have an online account, you'll have to setup one first.

Please email the payment to and indicate the nature of the payment in the subject line.

For rent payments, please include the address and tenant name(s) the payment is for. No password is required as Autodeposit is set up for the account.

Online Financial Institutions

Visit your financial institution’s website and make payment online. We are set up as payee by the following financial institutions online:

·       Credit Unions of British Columbia

·       TD Canada Trust

·       BMO (Bank of Montreal)

We are currently working on adding Cowichan Tribes as bill payee with the major financial institutions in Canada to have more payment options available to our Community Members and Community Partners/Contractors.  

Community Members who are required to pay by cash should make special arrangements with the Finance department. Please email with your request.




For any questions, please contact individual departments based on payment type. 

If you are a community member or community partner/contractor who recieves payment from Cowichan Tribes, please be advised Finance department will discontinue all cheque payments after May 22, 2020. All of the payments will be made using the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Click here to complete an EFT form and submit to


For our community partners/funders who require our banking information to make payments via electronic funds transfer, please contact