Administration Team

The Administration Team consists of the Executive Leadership and Admin staff. As a whole, the Team strives to be supportive of all of Lalum’utul’ Smun’eem Teams, their programs and to consistently encourage and assist the Agency from a team collaboration model.

The Executive Team Wise Practice:

‘shsi’em’ xtsetsustun’ – leaders designing and modeling the wise practices for our Agency

The Executive includes:

Executive Director

Associate Director

     Executive Assistant

Quality Assurance Manager, Policy and Practice Analyst 

     Documentation Management Systems Analyst

The Admin Team Wise Practice:

Administration Team
‘tl’uqw’ –preparing for and maintaining our work, ready and available to our community 

Admin includes:

Office Manager



File Room Clerk(s)


The overall responsibilities of the team include:

  • Compliance as defined in both our Delegation Confirmation Agreement, Lalum’utul’ Smun’eem policy and procedures and the Aboriginal Operational Practice Standard Indicators;
  • Ensuring the protection and proper management of all child and family service information including both supporting a data base file management and information systems;
  • Supporting Lalum’utul’ Smun’eem management in its financial operations;
  • Services to the membership of Cowichan Tribes community members who are involved with Lalum’utul‘ Smun’eem CFS;
  • Supports community members by ensuring that their needs are met and they are connected to the appropriate team and person;
  • Responsible for the upkeep and management of the physical buildings used by the Agency;
  • Vehicle fleet used by the many programs.