Shtunni's tu Hwulmuhw Amendment

Read the current Cowichan Indian Band Membership Rules (1992):

Did you know?

  • There have been changes to the Indian Act, which Cowichan Tribes is still governed by, and those changes have an impact on Membership to Cowichan Tribes.
  • Cowichan Tribes has had jurisdiction over Membership since 1986, when the very first Membership Rules were created!
  • The Membership Rules were amended in 1992 & have not been updated since.
  • Under the current Membership Rules, any amendments need to occur on even-numbered years!
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the progress of Shtunni's tu Hwulmuhw was impacted, and we are working within the First Nations Election Cancellation and Postponement Regulations to continue the work to complete and ratify the new legislation.