On-Reserve Housing

On-Reserve Housing

One of the biggest challenges facing Cowichan Tribes is providing additional on-Reserve housing for members.  Most Reserve land is allocated to Certificate of Possession holders (CP), leaving virtually no land for overall communal development such as housing, unless the Band leases or buys the land from the CP holder(s).

At the same time however, since Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) retains underlying legal title to the land, CP holders cannot use the land as collateral for a mortgage or loan without first getting approval from INAC, which is a long and involved process.

On-Reserve Housing manages rental homes and facilitates the construction of new homes.  It provides the following services:

Property Management

  • Filling vacancies
  • Collecting rent
  • Maintaining rental housing
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Capital Projects
  • Installing and maintaining civil infrastructure, e.g., water, sewer
  • Subdivision layout, e.g., roads, legal surveys
  • Constructing new accommodation other than privately-owned homes
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Did you know...

Most homes on the Reserve are privately owned.  The remainders are rental homes owned by Cowichan Tribes or are subsidized homes funded through Canada Mortgage and Housing (CHMC). 
Number of private homes: 418
Number of Band-owned rentals: 84
Number of CHMC-owned rentals: 92
Number of applications on wait list: 700+
Last updated 7/6/2020