Applications, Forms and Fees

Our Lands Registry handles all registration and records interests or licenses—such as assigning subleases, mortgages and mortgage discharges—on Tumuhw (Cowichan reserve lands), under the Quw'utsun Tumuhw (Cowichan Tribes Land Code).


Business Licence Application 

Property Tax Exemption Application

Certificate of Transport Application


Land Registration Fee Schedule 

Land Registration Forms

Form 01A - Transfer of Interest

Form 01B - Estate Transfer

Form 01C - Request for Replacement of Title

Form 02 - General Instrument Registration

Form 03 - Mortgage Registration

Form 04 - Register Other Instruments

Form 05 - Cowichan Tribes Council Consent

Form 06 - Affidavit of Witness

MRP 01 - Assessment Form

MRP 02 - Declaration From

MRP 03 - Consent of Spouse or Common Law Partner Form

MRP 04 - Consent of Executor of Will or Administrator of Estates Form

MRP 05 - Court Ordered Transfer of Land or Structures