Health Centre Staff

Health Centre Staff


  • Marnie Elliott, Health Director
  • Anna Martin, Associate Health Director
  • Belinda Pierre, Executive Assistant
  • Cindy Hlus, Quality Improvement and Safety Administrator

Clerical Administration

  • Lori Elliott, Office Manager/Program Coordinator
  • Joette Antoine, Receptionist Clerk
  • Leah Douglas, Receptionist

Medical Transportation Drivers

  • Dorothy Joe
  • Perry George
  • Robert Goldsmith

Janitorial Services

  • Allan Henry
  • Jeff Page

Hwialusmutul' Community Health (Healthy Families)

  • Fairlie Mendoza, Program Manager
  • Liz Spry, CHN, Maternal Child Health Lead
  • Tisha Efford, Special Projects Logistics Coordinator
  • Connie Kirkham, RN, Community Health Nurse
  • Sharla LaBoucane, RN, Community Health Nurse
  • Stella Nilsson, RN, Community Health Nurse
  • Ruby Kunihiro, RN, Community Health Nurse
  • Megan Fraser, RN, Community Health Nurse-Maternal Child (MAT CHI) Health Program
  • Nilak Ironhawk-Tommy, LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse-MAT CHI Health Program
  • Colette Alphonse, Community Health Representative (CHR)-MAT CHI Health Program
  • Anita Seymour, CHR-Water Monitoring Program
  • Wilhelmina Harris, CHR
  • Greta Skjelstad, Harm Reduction and Outreach Worker
  • Barbra Sylvester, Harm Reduction and Outreach Worker
  • Sharon Kilani, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Dr. Elizabeth Plant, Addictions Medical Specialist for Substance Use
  • Marjorie Daniels, Outreach Worker – Work Experience (QET)
  • Brenda Yuen, Research Advisor
  • Jennifer Murray, Research Advisor
  • Elaine Seymour, Child Minder
  • Idena George, Child Minder

Dental Program

  • Carroll Chadwick, Acting Dental Manager/Certified Dental Assistant/Children’s Oral Health (COHI) Aide
  • Saffron Joe, Certified Dental Assistant and COHI Aide
  • Dr. “Ebby” Boaz, Dentist​​​​​

Kwun'atsustul Mental Health Counselling

  • Erin Kapela, Mental Health Manager
  • Donna Johnny, Counsellor
  • Mellissa Craghtten, Counsellor
  • Edward Epp, Counsellor
  • Dominique Kless-Themens, Counsellor
  • Nancy James, Counsellor
  • Aaron Moore, Counsellor
  • Elizabeth Ibarra, Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Mathew Davydiuk, Culturally Grounded Community Counsellor
  • Deanna Thompson, Outpatient Coordinator
  • Isabelle Williams, Detox and Treatment Coordinator
  • Alexis Cage, Treatment Coordinator
  • Connie Clark, Program Driver


Quw'utsun S'ulhween (Elders)Program

  • Jason Herasemluk, Elders’ Program Manager
  • Benecia George, Receptionist and Activity Coordinator
  • Veronica Smith, Elders Advocate
  • Angie Gibson, RN, Elders’ Nurse
  • Cara Jamieson, RN, Elders’ Nurse
  • Helena Nemanishen, RN, Elders’ Nurse
  • Caroline Modeste, Personal Care Worker (PCW) Lead
  • Donna Louie, PCW and Bath Program
  • Elva Elliott, PCW
  • Lucy Goldsmith, PCW
  • Victoria Daniels, PCW
  • Robert Rice, PCW
  • Alfreda Page, PCW
  • Marcella Joe, PCW
  • Rachel Aleck, PCW - Casual
  • Loretta George, PCW - Casual
  • Dionne Thomas, PCW - Casual
  • Rose Thomas, PCW - Casual
  • Fabian Tommy, Elders’ Program  Driver
  • Rickey Dean Paige, Elders’ Program Driver

Elders Kitchen

  • Charles Wilson, Head Cook
  • Alfred Joe, Assistant Cook
  • Julie Charlie, Dishwasher/Prep Cook

  • Selena Peter, Dishwasher/Prep Cook

  • Douglas Williams, Meals on Wheels – Elders’ Program Driver​​​​

Kwam'kwum'tthun Shqwaluwun (Youth Services)

  • Michelle Louie, Youth Services and Embracing Life Manager
  • Ashley Louie, Embracing Life Coordinator
  • Angelina Rice Louie, Embracing Life Coordinator – Work Experience (QET)
  • Jordan Jack, Youth Worker
  • Kevannah Thorne, Youth Worker
  • Jennifer Antoine, Youth Worker
  • Austin Seymour, Youth Worker

Slhexun Sun'ts'a' Primary Care Clinic

  • Willow Last, Clinic Manager
  • Morgan George, Medical Office Assistant (MOA)
  • Dawn Cattell, Medical Office Assistant (MOA)
  • Dr. Frank Clarke, Family Physician
  • Valerie Jefferd, Nurse Practitioner (NP)/Island Health
  • Alysha Lust, NP
  • Laura Work, NP
  • Leslie Cochrane, RN, Certified Advanced Practice
  • Shanice Ryder, RN, Health Coach
  • Brandy Williams, LPN, Health Coach
  • April DeYaeger, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Sarah Cubbage, SW, Social Determinants of Health Worker
  • Dr. Julian Wynne-Smith, Chiropractor
  • Ann Brown, Respiratory Therapist
  • Lynda Bealing, RN, Foot  Care Nurse​​​​​​