Student Transportation

Student Transportation

The basic function of school transportation is to provide safe, efficient, and economical student transportation. Safety of the student passengers is a matter of paramount importance, as well as having them arrive at school in a state of mind that is as receptive to the learning process as possible.

Safety checks on all buses are done daily, and the buses are inspected every six months by the preventative maintenance program and once a year by the government vehicle inspector.  The buses have not failed any inspection for many years.

Bus Rules and Regulations
2021 Bus Policy
2022 - 2023 Bus Registration Form
2021 - 2022 Morning Bus Schedule
2021 - 2022 Afternoon Bus Schedule

2021 - 2022 Bus 103 Trip 1 Bench-Tansor

2020 - 2021 Bus Driver Protocol  



Bus Compound
5550 River Road
Or mail to:
Transportation Supervisor
5744 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC V9L 5J1

Ph: 250.748.0080
Fx: 250.715.1023

Cowichan Tribes operates four buses, has one spare, and is planning to purchase another 72-passenger bus:

One 84-passenger bus
Three 72-passenger buses (one spare)
One 54-passenger bus