Presence in the Valley

Presence in the Cowichan Valley

We are integral part of the Cowichan Valley.  We are one of the largest employers in the region and we invest significant dollars here.

Closer and closer ties with our neighbouring governments are being forged everyday as there is growing recognition that there is more to be gained by working together collectively than pursuing separate paths.  This was formally recognized by the signing of a Bridge Building Protocol Agreement in 2003 with leaders of the City of Duncan, the District of North Cowichan, and the Cowichan Valley Regional District.  Since then we are working together on a variety of initiatives.

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The key to both business success and breaking down the social barriers is entering into partnerships.  Nothing fosters mutual understanding better than working side-by-side.  As well as projects undertaken with the local governments, we are actively involved in projects and joint partnerships with business, industry, and agencies in the Cowichan Valley region. Each one of these undertakings leverages more dollars and broadens the available expertise than could be achieved alone.

Through our economic development agency, Khowutzun Development Corporation (KDC), we are a local service provider in a variety of manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and tourism services.  Likewise, many of our members are independent entrepreneurs who offer goods and services.

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