2022 Food Fish Harvest & Distribution Notice

August 15, 2022

The Cowichan Tribes food fishery has begun harvesting. The fisheries department has finalized arrangements with this year's food fish harvester and proper Nation-to-Nation protocols have been completed. We have also received a Supplemental License from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) authorizing Cowichan Tribes to harvest sockeye food fish. 

Fishing Vessel: Bernice C (First Nations owned and all crew)

Skipper: Walter Cadwallader (aged 77 yrs)


Food fish initial distribution will begin Wednesday, August 17th with Elders being contacted first.

Please note, only those who have been issued food fish cards issued in 2022 will be contacted. All Cowichan citizen households need to apply for food fish cards each year. Cards from previous years are not valid. To apply, you must visit the Lands office during office hours. Citizens must provide current contact information in order to be notified about food fish distribution. Food fish quantities are allocated based on the quantity harvested each year.

This year, Cowichan Tribes is testing a pilot program to deliver food fish to on-reserve Elders. The effectiveness of this program will be evaluated to determine if it will continue in future years. Off-reserve Elders will continue to pick up food fish for their household.

Once Elders distribution has been completed, on-reserve citizen households, followed by off-reserve citizen households, will be called to pick up their food fish. Additional announcements will be made as additional information is available

Important Information:

  •  Announcements will be made during food fish distributions to help notify Cowichan citizens of current status, including pick up sites and timing.
  • COVID protocols are also in place, community members are "STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO WEAR MASKS" while receiving their fish food. Masks are mandatory in all Cowichan Tribes buildings. 
  • Only one member per household is required to arrange and pick up food fish.
  • No physical/verbal abuse will be tolerated- MAY RESULT IN SUSPENSION FOLLOWING YEARS FOOD FISH DISTRIBUTION.
  • NO GARBAGE BAGS allowed- Fishery Guardians are instructed NOT to provide Food Fish in any type of garbage bags. Please bring a cooler and ice when you pick up food fish.


Hours of Operation (dependent on food fish arrival):

  • Days- standard 08:30 hrs to 16:30 hrs
  • Evenings- carry forward from 16:30 hrs to possibly 21:00 hrs


Distribution Priority:

  • ELDERS in Cowichan Tribes Community are always given priority and are called upon first to receive their food fish.
  • General Cowichan Tribes Community are called once Elders List is completed or near completion.
  • General Cowichan Tribes Community Cards- Each reserve is colour coded a different colour each year. Each Reserve's colour coded cards are called according to when food fish arrives.
  • Off-reserve Cowichan Tribes Community are then called to receive food fish.


Community Fish Card Sign Up: 

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 12:00 pm and 1:00pm - 4:30 pm

Lulumexun (Lands & Self-Governance)

5762 Allenby Road 
Duncan, British Columbia V9L 5J1

Phone: 236.800.4023 


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