Kwun'atsustul Counselling

Kwun'atsustul Services

Kwun’atsustul means "hand in hand". Our services provide support to community members in a variety of ways.  Support is offered at the health centre or through home visits. Our counsellors provide immediate support in the case of an emergency as well as regular ongoing support. Our counsellors are professionally trained and are culturally respectful.
Kwun'atsustul offers the following support services:
  • Trauma-informed Counselling for adults, children and families who are experiencing issues such as: alcohol and drug addiction, grief and loss, trauma, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, bullying, violence, anger, separation, parenting, adoption, residential school and relationship issues.
  • Couples Counselling.
  • Family Counselling.
  • Daily on-call counsellor Monday—Friday 8:30am—12:00pm, 1:00pm—4:30pm
  • Referral to treatment or other services.
  • Youth Counselling which includes: individual counselling teen peer support groups and community projects.
  • Suicide Prevention: Ts'its'uwatul'Siiye'yu - "People helping family and friends" In house and outreach community prevention and intervention services.
  • Honouring Grief Circle. Mondays at 12:00pm on Zoom

Groups and Programs

Sa'qw'thut Culturally-Grounded Treatment Program

Mission Statement:
To heal and support community members and their families through Quw'utsun teachings & culture by creating lasting connections, promoting intergenerational healing, making positive social connections, and promoting land-based recovery and healing within a culturally-grounded day treatment program.
Program Description:
Sa'qw'thut Culturally-Grounded Treatment Program is an inclusive and ongoing therapeutic community that is rooted in Snuw'uy'ulh (Quw'utsun teachings), with Quw'utsun families on Quw'utsun land. Sa'qw'thut means (assisting) someone to find out about themselves. We acknowledge your presence today and we are all thankful that you are here. We strive to support community members and their families to create lasting connection, intergenerational healing, positive social connections, and land-based healing and harvesting within a culturally grounded foundation for recovery from addictions, substance misuse, and trauma.
During the program, you will work with providers and collaborations from:

  • Mental health counselors at Kwun'atsustul Counseling
  • Harm Reduction Team at Ts'ewulthtun Health Centre
  • Youth Services team, as applicable
  • Local Indigenous elders, healers and teachers
  • Peer support workers
  • Treatment coordinator
  • Contracted counsellors, healers and teachers.

Referrals to medical supports, such as substance use, physicians can be arranged.

Program days run Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Intakes are ongoing and participants are welcome to join throughout the 22-week program.

For more information or to register for the program contact Deanna Thompson at: (250) 7323487 or deanna.thompson[@]

Contact Information
5768 Allenby Road
Duncan, B.C.  V9L 5J1
Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Monday - Friday
Phone: 250-746-6184

Our Kwun'atsustul Mental Health and Addictions Team


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