Raccoon Control





Raccoons may appear cute or even friendly. Indeed, they can be quite bold around humans and pets. However, they are wild animals and will behave like wild animals.

They have sharp teeth, strong claws, are known to carry rabies. Never try to catch a raccoon by hand. Cornering a raccoon may leave the animal with no choice but to attack you in defense.


  • Raccoons are nocturnal meaning they are active in the twilight and after dark. Raccoons can be quite noisy. They can also be fairly destructive; they are known to pull off siding and tear openings to get into your home.
  • Raccoons are omnivores, they will eat whatever they can find, and they can find plenty in your garbage cans.
  • Raccoons are surprisingly clever, brave and bold. They are not easily intimidated. While they will avoid humans most of the time, sometimes you have to act aggressively before they will be chased off. 






  • Raccoons are active in evening and prefer relative darkness. Installing motion activated lighting may be helpful in discouraging raccoons.
  • However, simple porch lights may not be adequate. You might need to go to extreme measures in terms of lighting. Bright flood lights, like the quartz halogen fixtures used for driveway illumination and security purposes may be necessary.
  • Plus, one light, at a distance may not have the desired effect. Multiple lights, either on the same circuit or independently triggered to brighten up the area should do the trick.


  • Raccoons don't like being around humans, so placing a radio near garbage cans may be helpful. Set the radio to a "talk show" station. It doesn't have to be loud. The voices will discourage raccoons from the area.


  • Buy garbage cans with sealing lids. You can improve the tightness of the seal with a length of plastic tubing or bungee cord.
  • Also, place a heavy object, such as a concrete block or a large boulder on top of garbage can lids.
  • Raccoons find the smell of ammonia unpleasant. By adding a small splash of ammonia to your garbage can they will be less likely to scavenge through your garbage.

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