The Lands Recods team maintains property records for all On-Reserve land and Certificate of Possession (CP) title-holders.  Services include:

  • Arrange and assist with surveys.

  • Prepare legal documentation to for land exchanges.

  • Assist members in drafting up Last Will and Testament.

See below for an overview of the expected proccess. Contact Lulumexun for more details and information related to your property and/or project.

Land Survey Process

  • CP holder submits a letter of request for the surveyor to subdivide their property. Then letter must include:
    • Lot Number
    • Plan Number
    • CP Holder(s) name
    • Who is paying services
  • Lulumexun prepares a Council Agenda Item Package (CAIR) for review and consideration at the upcoming Chief and Council meeting.
  • Lulumexun follows-up with additional details and expected processing times
  • CP holder makes arranngements with surveyor to start services
  • Surveyor company contacts Lulumexun to process paper work with the CP holder. 
  • Lulumexun registers approved documents for reigistration and CP holder will be required to complete a request for Replacement of Title application and/or Transfer of Interest application. 

Surveyors in the Area (visit their website for the most up to date contact information): 

Kenyon Wilson Professional Land Surveyors


Polaris Land Surveying Inc.