Wellness and Medicines Collective

Wellness and Medicines Collective

Our Wise Practice:

‘kw’aythut’ –preparing oneself emotionally, physically, spiritually to be ready to do our work

Lalum’utul Smuin’eem is an Indigenous Agency providing services and support to the Cowichan Community. Our Elders teach us that to work with others in a good way, requires us to be sound of heart, self and thoughts. The Wellness and Medicine Collective gathers the current services and traditional activities available to staff and to support, organize and increase their effectiveness, access and availability so that they can be incorporated into the daily lives of our staff and community members that we serve.

We are taught that ‘culture’ is a daily activity or way in which we live our lives, it is characterized by the actions we engage in that are traditional, but it is much deeper. It is a way of life. The Wellness & Medicine Collective strives to make the activities of this way of life available.

Our Agency hosts a Medicines Room in the main building that offers space for our staff to take a moment to ground themselves, use medicines and seek quiet to be ready to continue our work.