To sign up for direct deposit, cancel direct deposit, or update your banking information, please fill out the form below

Who Should Sign up for Direct Deposit? Anyone who receives payment from Cowichan Tribes such as:

  • ALL Cowichan Tribes Members - for tobacco tax, youth allowance, living allowance, social assistance, lease payments, etcetera
  • Non-members living on Cowichan Tribes Land and are on Social Assistance
  • Non-members who are a legal guardian for a Cowichan Tribes member and accept funds on their behalf
  • Vendors who do business for Cowichan Tribes


Please email the finance staff at directdeposit@cowichantribes.com to request a Direct Deposit Authorization form to create, cancel, or make changes to your direct deposit information.


Huy ch q’u,

The Finance Department


If you have any questions please call our office at 250-748-3196 or email directdeposit@cowichantribes.com