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If you have any further questions or need more information about the election code process, please contact: election.code@cowichantribes.com


What is the purpose of the Custom Election Code What is an Election Code?

An Election Code is a document that describes the Council we are electing (i.e., their roles and how long they serve), how we elect them (i.e., the voting process), and what to do if things go wrong with the election process or Council.


Why are we making a Custom Election Code?

The Indian Act bound Cowichan Tribes to a leadership selection process that was not our own. Now, we are developing a law – the Cowichan Tribes Election Code – so  Cowichan Tribes will conduct elections the Cowichan way. This is an important step in self‐governance and provides a blueprint on how our government will be accountable to our members.


What are the benefits of having a Custom Election Code?

With a Custom Election Code, we will conduct our elections the way our membership chooses rather than following the Indian Act. This Election Code will be developed as directed by our members. This means that our Election Code will better fit our needs, wants, traditions and the customs of Cowichan Tribes.


What Custom Election Code considerations still need to be decided?

The draft Custom Election Code is mostly complete based on member input in past years. We now just have a few gaps to fill, a few examples are:

 Who can be a Chief or Councillor?

 How many Councillors will we elect? What should this number be based on?

 For how long will Chief and Councillors hold their positions?

 How will we vote?

 What if we suspect something went wrong with the election process?

 What if a Chief or a Councilloris not fulfilling their role?


What if there is something else that I think we need to consider in the Custom Election Code?

You are welcome to provide input on any aspect of the Custom Election Code. All community engagement events and the community Election Code survey will have opportunities for you to provide comments and suggestions.


Who is working on this?

The community! The entire Cowichan Tribes community will determine our new Election Code. The Chief Administrative Officer has also put together a working group of staff and two community member reps to oversee the work. EcoPlan International is providing research and technical support



 Cindy Daniels ‐ A/CAO of Cowichan Tribes, Group Chair

 Sharon Henry ‐ Executive Assistant to CAO, Assistant to Chair

 Philomena Williams ‐ Elder

 Clarissa Peter ‐ Community Member

 Larry George ‐ Director of Land & Self Governance & Community Member

 Eamon Gaunt  ‐ Treaty Negotiator