Coronavirus Updates

Greetings Cowichan Tribes Elders and Members,

Please review the videos and information on this page for updates on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and continued office closure and essential services.

I hope that everyone is being careful and keeping each other safe and healthy. It's especially important to help Elders during this pandemic,and to follow all health guidelines (physical distancing, wearing masks, frequent washing of hands, keeping gatherings small, etc.).

On behalf of the elected Council, I would like to acknowledge staff who are working hard to provide essential services,
and to extend our gratitude to the membership for your patience and understanding.

Huy tseep q'u,
Chief William 'Chip' Seymour

Cowichan Tribes Issues Shelter In Place Order

January 22, 2021 5:00 pm  February 5, 2021 5:00 pm

CT_COVID-19 Shelter in Place Memo Jan 6_Page_1.jpgCT_COVID-19 Shelter in Place Memo Jan 6_Page_2.jpgCT_COVID-19 Shelter in Place Memo Jan 6_Page_3.jpg

Update to Members on COVID-19

COVID-19 Symptoms? ​​​​​​
GET TESTED, COVID Testing Site Info- Jan 7, 2021
The Current Situation & How Cowichan Tribes Is Responding

COVID-19 has reached Cowichan Tribes. As of January 1st, 2021, there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our community. The members who have tested positive are self-isolating. They are in regular contact with public health officials and are receiving guidance on health and safety protocols.
Update: to Members on COVID-19, Jan 18, 2021
Update: to Members on COVID-19, Jan 11, 2021
Update: to Members on COVID-19, Jan 1, 2021
Update: Province-Wide Restrictions December 8, 2020




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Cowichan Tribes COVID-19 Response - October 1 Member Update

COVID-19 Economic Response Infographic

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Letter of Commitment with Big House and Church Leaders

Representatives from Quw'utsun Big Houses and Chief and Council met to sign a joint letter of commitment to keep Quw'...

Posted by Cowichan Tribes on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Good Morning Family and Friends,

We trust that during this time you have all been taking the recommended precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe. Please know that at the Ts'ewulhtun Health Centre you are all in our thoughts and prayers during this time of uncertainty. We are making every effort to ensure your health and wellness needs are met through our Essential Services, through support from our Slhexun Sun'ts'a' Clinic, Healthy Families Team, Kwun'atsustul and Elders Programs on a call in basis only.

Please find some important and relevant information from Island Health within our Cowichan District Hospital in regards to the COVID-19 prevention they have been working on as well as updates on visitor restrictions for the safety of the staff and patients who are in care.

Thank you,

Marnie Elliott - Acting Associate Health Director

Message from Chief Seymour May 1, 2020

Greetings Cowichan Tribes Membership.Cowichan Tribes_INFO GRAPHIC_COVID-19_05.12.20-01.jpg

I trust that this message finds you and your families in good health, positive spirits, and staying safe. On behalf of the Cowichan Tribes duly elected Council, I am happy to announce our economic response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. We have unanimously agreed to match the $1.1 million financial contributions from Indigenous Services Canada for a total of $2.2 million dollars. These monies are our collective response to best support all members of our community and we thank you for your continued patience as we have been adapting to respond to this pandemic. Programs and contact numbers start May 11th. Please watch my video that explains some of how this money will best support all of us over the medium to long term.

For an overview of Cowichan Tribes’ economic response to COVID-19 please see this infographic.

Respectfully Yours,
Chief William 'Chip' Seymour



    Getting tested for COVID-19 with Kimberly Edwards from Cowichan Tribes on Vimeo.

    COVID-19 video for Kids

    Raising Your Hands In Prayer 


    Cowichan Tribes Vimeo 


   For more information about programs and essential services, please call:

  • Cowichan Tribes COVID-19 Community Navigators at the top: (250) 715-3339Email:
  • Ts’ewulhtun Health Centre: (250) 746-6184
  • Slhexun Sun’ts’a Primary Care Clinic: (250) 715-3322
  • Kwun’atsustul (Mental Health):

(250) 746-6184 to speak with an on-call counsellor.