Indian Registry and Band Membership

Indian Registry and Band Membership

Indian Registry and Band Membership maintains vital statistics records and the Cowichan Tribes Band Membership list.  Cowichan Tribes took over these responsibilities from Indian Affairs and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) in 1986.
The Indian Registry is managed on behalf of Aboriginal Affairs.  Aboriginal Affairs provides core funding and the balance is provided by the Band’s own-source revenue.  Band Membership is funded entirely by the Band's own-source revenue.
The department is managed by a certified Indian Registry Administrator.
Citizens are asked to keep their contact information up to date with our department so we can ensure important information can be sent to you. 

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Cowichan Tribes Population

Total Population: 5,517

Males 2,718
Females 2,799
On Cowichan Reserves 2,634
Off Reserve 2,543
*updated March 2024
Source: Cowichan Tribes Citizenship Department
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