Social Development

Social Development

Social Development provides financial support to adults and dependents and is meant as a last resort.

  In particular, Social Development:

  • Administers according to the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Social Development Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Administers Social Development payments directly to members
  • Administers Child Out of Parental Home benefits (formerly Guardian Financial Assistance)
  • Administers the National Child Benefit Reinvestment program funding
  • Provide support to clients who secure employment
  • Individual Opportunities Program is part of the Social Development team and provides programming and services to family units
  • Quw’utsun Employment & Training is part of Social Development and provides services to members
  • Refers members Cowichan Tribes' services/programs such as Quw’utsun Syuw’entst Lelum, Ts’ewulhtun Health, Lalum’utul Smuneem Child & Family Services, and Sustainable Housing Department
  • Works with Cowichan Tribes Departments to address client/member needs
  • Refers members to external agencies
  • Has a Lunch Program team and delivers lunches to schools within the Cowichan Valley
  • Completes proposals to secure funding and implement program to Social Development clients with goal of securing employment or accessing Post-Secondary Education funding


The Social Development team includes:

A Social Development Manager with five Band Social Development Workers (BSDWs), one Intake Worker, and one Clerk/Receptionist administer the Social Development program.  Revenue comes from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) through Comprehensive Funding Agreement.

Quw’utsun Employment & Training (QET) Program has a QET Coordinator and one QET Intake Worker

Individual Opportunities Program (IOP) has one IOP Advisor

A Lunch Program Team, also known as the Buckets on Buses (BOB) team is staffed each school year with term staff


5760 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC   V9L 5J1

Ph: 778-422-2255
Fx: 778-422-1303

Individual Opportunities Program  (IOP)

IOP is part of the Social Development team and is designed to be a lifelong employment strategy that supports families and their goals to secure employment and/or education opportunities.  IOP goal is to provide clients with training opportunities, workshops, employment counseling, community referral, and mapping out your education and lifelong employment.
Please take advantage of the opportunities and services IOP has to offer. 
The Individual Opportunities Program is here to assist you with the following:
  • Completing application forms, sponsorship forms, etc.
  • Providing information to training and workshops to prepare clients for the workforce ( e.g. First Aid, Food Safe. Resume writing, Life Skills, as well as posted employment opportunities)
  • Meeting Career and Education goals
  • Assisting with preparation of employment plan
  • Referral to service providers in the Cowichan Valley
  • IOP completes a follow-up with members once they have secured employment/Post-Secondary education
For more information please contact:
Selina Javier, IOP Advisor
Ph: 778-422-2255 ext. 0510
Fax: (778) 422-1303
5760 Allenby Road, Duncan, BC   V9L 5J1

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