Elders Program

Sul'hween Elders Program

As with most First Nations, the Elders hold a special place in Cowichan society.  The Elders Program ensures that the Elders are well cared for and provided with the right environment to carry out their responsibilities to the community.

Work undertaken by the Sul’hween team includes:

  • Elders Lunch – Provide lunch to Elders twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday
  • Day Program – Provide physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural nourishment to elders and frail community members that would otherwise be on their own from Monday to Friday.
  • Bath Program – Provide access to special tub and walk-in shower for members who have difficulty bathing in regular bath facilities.
  • Personal Care – Provide in-home individual care and support.
  • Swimming Program – Help members with disabilities attend a water exercise program utilizing gentle water resistance exercises.
  • Healthy Lifestyles – Promote healthy living through a variety of home visits, group sessions, and drop-in sessions.
  • ‘Uy Sultun Letsus – Provide affordable fruit and vegetables.

Professionals employed by Sul’hween include:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Dietitian 
  • Community health representatives
  • Personal care workers.

The Better At Home Program - also provides non - medical services for our Sul'hween - Elders.

Better At Home link

To volunteer your time to help our Cowichan Sul'hween click on the brochure below.