Support Services

Support Services Team

Our Wise Practice is:

‘hwial’asmut’ – ‘taking care’ - Caring for the Carers

Support Services focuses on the needs of children, their families and the Community by creating care homes for children in care and in out of care placements (ranging from regular to leveled resources), recruitment of new homes and support and maintenance to existing care homes.

Support Services works in partnership with the other Delegated Aboriginal Agencies on Vancouver Island as well as the Ministry of Children and Family Development to create resources that are safe and nurturing in addition to being able to meet the specific needs of children placed in their care.

Support Services operates from the mandate of placing children within their cultural community (focusing on family extended family, community, aboriginal, and non-aboriginal resources). It is our intent to ensure that we work in partnership with the community to ensure children’s connection to their family and cultural environment.

For our community intention of returning to safe ways of caring for our children, we have flexibility in the way in which we perceive ‘foster care.’ 
To provide better outcomes and wellness for children and youth, we are continuously:
•    Reflecting on the concept of ‘families’ based on traditional practices … founded in interconnected relationships;
•    Supporting children and youth with timely, cultural, community and peer supports independent of their status of in-care or out-of-care;
•    Supporting family and community to promote children and youth being cared for within their own families;
•    Nurturing a high quality of care for children with caregivers across the spectrum