K-12 Advisors

Student Advisors

The Student Advisors provide administrative support to QSL and for the Cowichan membership; to support students' success and retention.

Work by the Student Advisors includes:

  • Liaison with school District #79 and provides support in developing LEA's.
  • Nominal roll
  • Registration forms
  • Attendance tracking
  • Allowance distribution
  • Support development of extra-curricular activities that encourage Cowichan students to become more involved in the school's social activities, athletics, and academia.

Cowichan Students attend a variety of elementary and secondary school with School District #79, various private schools and our band operated schools.

K-12 Advisor Description
2020-2021 K-12 Nominal Roll Eligibility Notice
2023-24 Nominal Roll Application Form


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2022-23 Trades Math Scholarship

2022-23 Math and Science Scholarship

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