Election Bylaw

Currently Cowichan Tribes is developing a Custom Election Bylaw.  The creation of this bylaw is an important opportunity in self-governance.  Collectively Cowichan Tribes members are establishing "Cowichan" guidelines and procedures for electing four leadership; Chief & Council.  The vision is that the Custom Election Bylaw will be the first step in starting the development of a Cowichan Constitution.  The process is based upon our inherent rights and it will be the blueprint on how our government will be accountable to our membership.

The process began in 2006 after feedback received at the 2005 Chief & Council election.  Community meetings were held during 2006 and 2007 to get feedback, which became the first draft of the Election Bylaw.  The work on this bylaw started in 2009 and feedback was incorporated from October 6th, 2009 community meeting and the door to door survey were conducted.

Feedback given from Elders and Community members, the ratification for this Election Bylaw has been pushed back to December 2010.  Cowichan Tribes does not take this step lightly, and have continually be listening to the feedback to allow a more informed ratification process for the Cowichan Tribes community.

Once the Election Bylaw is ratified by membership and vetted out by DIA we can use it as a model to elect our leadership and it will be Cowichan Tribes Election Bylaw.

With the ratification of the new bylaw there will be four key changes to the election process:

1.  Criminal Record Check for all of those who are nominated for Office.

2.  Terms of office would be three (3) years, as opposed to the current two (2) year term.

3.  There will be provisions in place for removing a councilor due to misconduct and replacing a councilor that cannot finish a term.

4.  The Bylaw points out how amendments can be made in the future if they are required.