Modular Housing - 32 Units

Modular Housing - 32 Units

Given the importance of having affordable and securing housing, Cowichan Tribes is excited to 

construct a new $8.3 Million Housing Project

Lot 400.PNG



This previously undeveloped lot near the intersection of Boys Road and Daniels Crescent will be home to three new complexes totaling 32 units

The Sustainable Housing Department and Lalum'utul' Smun'eem have joined forces for this project. The new complexes will have common areas to host workshops and other activities to help build community amongst youth, young moms and Elders. This project is also designed to be Step 4 Energy Efficient which means minimal heating costs for residents.

The project is expected to be complete and ready for occupancy in the Fall/Winter 2022.

Pictured below are 3D Renderings of what the Complexes will look like once complete.

Complex A.png

Complex B.png

COmplex C.png


This area will be considered an active construction zone for the foreseeable future. Parents and community are advised to keep a watchful eye on kids and pets who may be playing in the area. This is a significant safety concern and will be monitored on an ongoing basis. Please report any instances of trespassing to the Sustainable Housing Department.

Contractor Selection

The contractor selected for this project is Nexus Global Building Systems. Nexus is a local contractor with offices in Duncan and a manufacturing facility in Cobble Hill. Visit to view their website. Please expect to see Nexus vehicles and contractors on site for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the Prime Contractor for this project (Nexus) there are Cowichan members and member owned businesses directly contributing to the success of this initiative.

Porlier Pass Contractors and Matt T Excavating are working cooperatively to tackle on site works including site clearing, excavation and foundation  preparation. RavenStone Construction will be working on interior and exterior complex construction in the near future. HG Xcavating and Fran’s Trucking have been employed for hauling and trucking of materials to and from the site. Proframe has been brought on to prep and pour the foundations. Audrey Thomas, owner of A-2-Z Traffic Control was brought on to support traffic control and community safety for the project. Harold Joe. Harold, along with Sean Canute have joined the project as our archaeological monitors.

We would like to thank Lulumexun Lands for their donation of structural fill materials to this supportive housing project. The success of this project would not be possible without the contributions of fellow departments and Cowichan membership. We raise our hands to you all. Huy ch q’u.


Project Update - September 2022

Although the 32 unit modular housing project on Boys Road is moving along, it is behind schedule. Along with the setbacks due to COVID-19, the atmospheric river and labour shortages, we are now experiencing supply chain issues.

In July, we were unable to get concrete redi-mix from Surespan as they were unable to get the supplies they needed to make the redi-mix. This delayed construction and has caused further delays in completing site paving. Handrails took longer than expected to manufacture and install, which has delayed occupancy.

We are currently waiting for 16 hydro meters as the manufacturer is unable to get the parts they need to make them. This means that until these arrive one building has no power. We are working tirelessly to continue moving this project forward to completion as soon as possible and understand that this is as frustrating for the community as it is for the Capital Projects Department.

We want to thank the community for your continued patience and support in the completion of this project.



Project Update - October 2021

Complex B

The 20 modules that make up Complex B are fully installed on site at the 32 unit Modular Housing Project. Complex B is a two-story, 10 unit residential building with wood frame built on concrete foundation. Complex B is approximately 7125 sq. ft. in total and will contain (9) 2 bedrooms units and (1) studio suite. This project is expected to be complete and ready for occupancy in April 2022.

Complex A

Complex A modules will begin to arrive in early October. Complex A is the largest of the three complexes and has (16) 1 bedroom units, a shared resource and teaching space and an industrial kitchen for use as member supports.

Complex C

Complex C was the first Complex to land on-site, approximately 3 weeks ahead of Complex B. The main trades were on-site immediately and began rough-in and installation of plumbing, heating, electrical, doors and windows into the 6 unit complex.



Introducing Complex C - August 2021

You may have noticed the installation of the modules that will make up the building known as Complex C. As pictured on the left, 12 individual modules were brought in on a flat bed truck and installed by a crane. This type of construction is known as modular manufacturing and allows for the exterior wall assembly to be constructed at an off-site location. Complex C will be the smallest of the 3 complexes and will include 6 units that are 2 bedrooms each. Crews are now working on site to complete the remainder of the construction needed to complex this building to occupancy standards. Stay tuned!



Project Update - July 2021

The Cowichan Tribes 32-unit Modular Housing Project is progressing well. Site preparation has begun and the project is well underway. The site was cleared and grubbed by Porlier Pass Contractors. The demolition of the two homes on Boys Road was completed by Matt Thomas Excavation.

The project was originally scheduled for construction on this site as well as 2815 Thiek Road. The project scope has now shifted and all 32 units will be located off Boys Road near Daniels Crescent.  



In order to ensure you will be considered for available rental units your Housing Application must be updated within the past 6 months.

Visit our Housing Application homepage to Update your Application or to learn more about the process.