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The Recycling Team offers collection to all of Cowichan Tribes communities on Wednesdays.  Please use the Blue bins that are provided for each household. Please note the maximum container weight we can collect is 44 lbs.

YES: flattened cardboard (max. size is 2'x3'), mixed paper, plastic bottles, containers & trays, cans & foil, milk cartons and tetra paks, & juice boxes. All items must be clean of food and liquids.

NO: glass jars or bottles, styrofoam, plastic bags, chip/cracker bags, and plastic wrap, batteries & electronics cannot be collected in curbside bins. These items can only be accepted directly at CVRD recycling depots.


Did you know up to 50% of what we throw away could be composted?  We are pleased to provide free curbside compost pick up on Fridays. Call (236) 800-5071 or email Wendy.Seymour@cowichantribes.com to sign up for collection.

YES: food scraps (no meats), fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds and tea bags, eggshells, napkins and paper towels, paper plates and food-soiled cardboard packaging (i.e. pizza and take out boxes).

NO: plastics, metals, styrofoam, fruit stickers, pests or bugs, animal carcasses, food fish waste, pet waste, hair, wool, or personal hygiene products.

Use an approved compost collection container:

~ an ASTM D6400 compostable bag (note: the packaging must say compostable, not biodegradable) tied closed.

~ a bin with a secure lid.


We collect three (3) bags per house. If you have more than three bags, you can purchase an extra sticker for $3/bag. 

For collection, ensure your garbage bags are:

~ tied closed.

~ set out before 8:00 am.

~ weigh under 40 lbs.

~ stored in receptacles that are pest and bug free.


Wondering what goes where?

Download our handy recycling and compost reference guide.



5760 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC   V9L 5J1

Ph:  250.748.3196
Fx:  250.748.1233
Email: maintenance[@]cowichantribes.com
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Operations & Maintenance has been providing public works on Cowichan Reserves since 1968, with the following priorities:

  • Eliminating health and safety hazards.  This includes garbage pickup and snow removal, and ensuring the Reserve is adequately equipped with fire hydrants.
  • Preserving and protecting facility and infrastructure assets.  This includes providing roads and utilities to property lines.
  • Ensuring all public works is in good working order.
  • Operating and maintaining recreation facilities, specifically Si'em Lelum Gymnasium and the soccer fields.


Siem Lelum Gymnasium Rentals

Cowichan Tribes is following the Provincial Health Orders and taking extra precautions to safe guard the community. We understand how difficult it is to have to postpone or reduce the number of attendees to cultural and celebratory events due to COVID-19 but our communities' safety is our top concern.

Cowichan Tribes will review all policies and procedures in January 2022 and may update them at that time depending on COVID-19 and vaccine numbers.


2021 Community & Program Terms of Use

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Cowichan Tribes Solid Waste Management Plan

The Solid Wast Management Plan is intended to be a guiding document that outlines steps to achieve our goals. Strategies and actions have been developed to meet our solid waste managment goals, while improving health and safety for our community, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable practices. 

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The approved goals, strategies, and actions are summarized below.

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