Community Justice

Community Justice

In 2001 Cowichan Tribes entered into a Community Tripartite Agreement with the federal and provincial Solicitor General's offices to provide liaison services to the local RCMP and parole/probationary staff.  The result has been improved relations with the local RCMP detachment and a sub-office opened at the Band office, with three officers assigned 80% of the time to the Reserve.

A Justice Committee recommends policies and programs to Chief and Council, as well as overseeing implementation.  Day-to-day duties are managed by the Community Justice Coordinator.  Community Justice is funded by the Band's own-source revenue.

Cowichan Tribes has a Justice Coordinator whom is designated to review all required files and areas that require justice review.  The Justice Coordinator works closely with the RCMP, Conservation, and Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans.  Close working relationship with the Provincial Court House, Provincial Court Judge.


The Justice Coordinator has designed a procedure working with the enforcement agencies to develop a Restorative Justice process.  The group involves two retired social workers; they review and implement a RJ process for the first time offenders.  Referrals are directed to the group from the Provincial Crown Council office for Alternative Measures.  The group works closely with the Corrections Canada on developing a strategy for community citizen's release from Institutions, and support services.  The Justice Coordinator works with the Ministry and assists in facilitating "Respectful Relations" and "Substance Abuse Management" programs.

Alternative Sentencing
Court judges confer with Cowichan Tribes about alternatives to standard sentencing options.
Parole Liaison 
Develop community re-entry strategies for Cowichan members who are incarcerated in federal or provincial institutions, based on consultation with family members, the community, the parolee, and their parole officer.
By-Law Enforcement/Animal Control
Collects business licences, provides protection from stray dogs, notifies members about bear and cougar siting's.

First Nations Court
Cowichan is establishing a First Nations Court in 2013 that will be based on both the First Nations Court in New Westminster and Kamloops First Nation Courts. The First Nations Court in Cowichan will sit once a month at the Duncan Court House. Support for the First Nations Court will include members of community elders, and the Native Court Worker. The First Nations court will assist in reducing the recidivism rate of Aboriginal offenders and serve to assist in the healing of our people who are in conflict with the law by employing a restorative approach to sentencing.

The Aboriginal Justice Coordinators Key Responsibilities:

  • Act as a bail supervisor when required by the Duncan provincial Court
  • Receive referrals from the Duncan Community Correction office clients that require community work service agreements
  • Provide culturally inclusive programming and services
  • Liaise with justice system stakeholders and related community agencies to ensure effective communications
  • Assist with planning of Aboriginal justice workshops and conferences that provide information/resources that are relevant to Aboriginal communities
  • Participate in the RCMP Community Tripartite Agreement meetings
  • Encourage crime prevention through information, education, and community development programming with First Nation Communities
  • The Justice Coordinator participates in monthly meetings regarding the Prolific Offenders, and Mentally Disordered Offenders.
  • Participates as a representative of Cowichan Tribes in the monthly Cowichan Valley Crime Stoppers meetings.
  • Attends and reports to the bi-monthly Cowichan Tribes Justice Committee meetings
  • Receive files from Provincial Crown Counsel, and law services that are selected for Diversion and Alternative Measures

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