What has Lulumexun been up to?

It has been one month since Cowichan Tribes has become operational under the Quw’utsun Tumuhw! It has been a busy month so we wanted to take a minute to let you know what we have been up to.


  • Hosted a Quw'utsun Tumuhw Celebration and Open House
  • Notified 3rd party interests (Headlease Holders) of successful ratification vote
  • Conducted a "soft survey" (at Open House to members to gather information on departmental priorities and areas of improvement


  • Drafted a Quw'utsun Tumuhw Workplan to outline key priority areas
  • Completed Human Resource Organizational Chart
  • Completed Inteirm Registration Law so that service delivery was not interrupted for members, reviewed by legal and enacted by chief and council
  • Prepared Job Description for and recruited Land Management Coordinator
  • Prepared Job Description for and recruited GIS Trainee who will be developing our Contaminated Sites GIS application to better manage our data and provide a planning tool for other lands technicians  
  • Initiated the drafting of the Terms of Reference for the new Tumuhw Committee through our Policy Department  
  • Evaluated current Lulumexun Committee structure and presented business case to Chief and Council to consolidate committees from 9 down to 4 
  • Procured new workspace equipment for staff to increase productivity and workstation ergonomics
  • Began discussions to map out scope for a departmental strategic plan to facilitate in setting priority areas and ease change management stresses

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Secured $100,000 to begin Land Use Planning processes
  • Secured $50,000 to begin Solid Waste Management Assessments that will form part of the Environmental Management Plan

What is Next?

  • Team building session on change management and staff retreat
  • Workshop with Lands Advisory Board Resource Centre on operational processes and law development to better prioritize and sequence our workplan
  • Process mapping of Information Management needs with IT Department to better understand current tools and gaps that may exist in our information management needs
  • Begin drafting the Final Registration Law with legal and initiate planning for the first Meeting of Members
  • Process map operational procedures to better streamline service delivery
  • Prepare Committee Orientation Package and review Draft Committee TOR with technicians in preparation for January meeting
  • Initiate drafting of Enforcement and Ticketing Law