S-hwuhwa’us Thi’lut Kw’atl’kwa Logo Contest

There were many amazing submissions. Huy tseep q’u to the members who submitted their artwork for the logo contest.

Charlene Johnny submitted the winning logo and won the $1000 prize! We raise our hands to her for her contribution. 

Coast Salish Artist Bio: Quw’utsun’ Tribes Charlene Johnny is a Coast Salish artist from the Quw’utsun’ Tribes of Vancouver Island, BC. She has apprenticed under well known artists and has formal art training from Native Education College. She began her career in 2012 when she won two artist grants from the YVR Art Foundation under mentorship of Alano Edzerza and Tsema Igharas working with graphic design, photography, glass and textiles. In 2018 she graduated NEC’s Jewelry Arts program under the tutelage of Jon Erikson and Sharifah Marsden. Not only did she study silver and copper carving, she also became a muralist, and apprenticed in the medium of painting with Maynard Johnny. With her interdisciplinary approach to art, she will continue to work in various mediums to explore and express her ancestral artwork through a number of contemporary ways.