Safety Update: Flows in the Cowichan River to Increase

A wet weather system is approaching Duncan, the rain storm is expected for the area which will not only increase flows in river, it has the ability to increase the flows at the lake above the allowed amount. To curb this and the need to open flood gates, a pulse flow of 18cms has been agreed too. Safety of our members fishing the river is the utmost importance and we would ask that you share this with those members who may not have access to facebook. A facebook video will be issued as well. USE CAUTION when in or around the river tonight and the coming days.

The plan for increase of flows as provided by Catalyst:

The pulse flow will begin tonight at 7:00 PM as this will result in a flow increase during dark of night – by Wednesday AM the entire river will be at 18 cms. On Friday, if the predicted rainfalls have not impacted the lake, river flows will again be reduced to summer base flow. It is expected the flow will remain well above 7 cms after this weeks wet weather passes by – and next week also shows wet weather. Catalyst is predicting they remain off control and flow will remain at least at 18 cms after this storm system passes by.

Flow increase scheduled for later in day today (just before darkness) to avoid impacting people using river for recreational purposes. Flow will increase in 4 steps over a period of 2 hours with flow leaving lake at 18 cms by 8:30 PM tonight.

Safety is a significant issue with increasing river flows and people are guided to use extra caution if on or around the river during these coming days.

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