Paying Rent

Rent is due on or before the first of the month.

Primary tenants are responsible for 100% of the rent and for paying their rent on time. 

Please understand rent payments directly affect our department’s ability to maintain our rental units and to build more rental units for those in need of housing.

How to Pay Rent


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, payments have become paperless. Please Pay your Rent through one of the following options:


Send an e-Transfer to


Make a payment online through certain financial institutions


Visit How to Pay Cowichan Tribes for more information

Is the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting your income?



Contact us with copies of your income verification and a recent hydro or utility bill.


We will examine each case individually and will work with members by either adjusting rent or offering a payment schedule while you might be waiting for your EI benefits.


Email proof of income to

Late or Unpaid Rent

If you can’t pay your full rent by the first day of the month, you must contact the office before the scheduled payment deadline. Late rent is a breach of the Housing Agreement and is grounds for a notice to end a tenancy.

Annual Review Process

Rent will be reviewed once a year and tenants will need to provide income verification at this time. Documentation for your income must be current and verifiable. It may include items such as pay stubs, letters from employers, tax records, bank statements and government benefit statements. 

. Changes in Family Size

Changes in family size can affect your rent calculation. Let us know if your family changes in size because of birth, adoption, fostering, a child leaving the home or any other circumstance. Housing programs guide how many children at certain ages may share a bedroom. If you or anyone else in your home receives Social Assistance, rent amounts may be adjusted depending on how many tenants reside in your unit.