Membership Rules Amendment 2019

Read the existing Cowichan Indian Band Membership Rules (1992):

Cowichan Indian Band Membership Rules.pdf

 This is what the name contest is for, to rename the Membership Rules.


Did you know?

  • There have been changes to the Indian Act, which Cowichan Tribes is still governed by, and those changes have an impact on Membership to Cowichan Tribes.
  • Cowichan Tribes has had jurisdiction over Membership since 1988, when the very first Membership Rules were created!
  • The Membership Rules were amended in 1992 & have not been updated since.
  • Under the current Membership Rules, any amendments need to occur on even-numbered years!

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Name Contest

Our LAW, our NAME!

Reclaim our language, our culture, our traditions by renaming the Cowichan Indian Band Membership Rules (1992). This is law for Quw'utsun' Mustimuhw by Quw'utsun' Mustimuhw, it belongs to the people! We need your input, we need your participation! Help us rename our law.



MRA Name Contest Flyer.png 

MRA Name Contest Flyer.png